A Much Needed Update: The Week in Review

In this post I will be highlighting the week in review since I have been so busy and not having the time to post throughout most of it. Even though this was only a four day week, a lot had happened, and so many changes are now taking place due to the events that have taken place. First, the employment front is ever changing. There have been some significant changes as I struggle to deal with Canada’s ever crumbling economy. Secondly, I will be¬†resigning myself from the volunteer work that I do with Corrections Canada and Kwantlen Polytechnic University as the demand on my time has now exceeded what I can give. Next, my photography is starting to exceed into and wonderful opportunities, so some special events will be coming up that I have been invited to participate in. Lastly, changes to my contracting gig has also taken on changes that reflect the poor state that Canada is in as far as the economy goes.

Since three weeks ago, I have been largely looking into prospects of new employment, or more specific, finding employers who are hiring that are also healthy in terms of their financial status and economic viability.  I know this sounds weird, but the majority of corporations in British Columbia seem to be in a lot of money hardship, and their outlook seems to be on either the brink of bankruptcy or experiencing some form of production loss at fifty percent or more. Weeding those perspective employers out is a very difficult task as the data on researching them is very limited, but I have found ways to do it. Most employers are either in a hiring freeze, or contracts are starting to become more ridged and their offerings more tightened. As I am finding out, being big does not mean the best any more. In fact, most of the promising businesses that I see right now are the medium size ones that are between 1000 to 500 employees.

Over the last two weeks I had three very promising leads, but two of them were lost causes as those employers admitted to me, through follow up calls, that they were unsure whether they could take on new hires or not. They seemed they just wanted their options open in case they needed the added labour. The final lead that I have right now is still in the vetting process. I doubt I will know more until the end of the month.

I formally resigned myself from my volunteer work that I was doing with Corrections Canada through my Universality. The main reason for this is lack of time that I can offer. There is a symbolic reason too, which sort of points to Corrections Canada’s new policies on how volunteer programs are managed and maintained. Without going into the specifics, I just decided to take a step back from it, but I may consider reinstating myself later on down the road. I should also say that I am among seven other collogues who also resigned as well this last week, many of them came from Simon Fraser University, and some from the University of the Fraser Valley, and University of British Columbia.

I am getting more photography gigs! Most of these are not paying ones, more or less helping models out break into to their careers, but I will be doing some portrait work for a family who would like a series of prints for their home. I prefer the studio work over the candid outdoor shots, so getting an offer to shoot in my studio is something that I always look forward to.

As I said before in this post, the Canadian economy is getting worse by the day. This is reflecting my current contracting work that I am doing right now. As of last week I have not received any new calls on the job board. I know this has more to do with the company that I contract for than it does with the economy in general. The rumour mill is ripe with chatter that the company is headed towards bankruptcy–as I predicted. I was warned about this several weeks ago, but finding new contracts since then has yielded only a couple of leads. Now I am in full-on search mode, and may even consider going back to an hourly position. Yes, the state that Canada is in right now is down right scary! But on the bright side, things are looking up.

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