Black Sheep and Counting

The landlord just added two new black sheep, and two goats to the herd. All of the sheep are males, but the two goats are female. Now whenever I walk outside, the noise from the sheep as they run up to the gate is unbelievable. The goats, they just stand there in their own spot, with out a care in the world, never to be bothered, as I walk by. I think the sheep are crying out, “feed me! Feed me!” or “Let me go, let me go!”

The Two Goats - Glen Valley - May 24 2014 Weblog Image

The goats are just young ones, probably just ten weeks old. Since they entered the pen, they have not moved around that much. They do not hang around with the sheep, but like the sheep, they stick very close together. The only time I heard them make any noise was when they were being unloaded from the truck into the pen. The red line is spry paint from the auction they were purchased from.

Five Black Sheep - Glen Valley BC May 24 2014 Weblog Image

So if you are counting, this is now five back sheep. Yes, there is enough wool here to make dozen pairs of socks. These guys are very tiny, probably only a few months old. I am sure when they get bigger, they will look more puffy too. I would hate to have that coat during the summer!

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