The Fraser River Up High

It is that time of the year, the annual flooding season that usually occurs in June and July, but all of this just seems to have started a little early this year. I noticed it last weekend when I spent the day in Fort Langley, but when I walked down to the river today, the water seems to have risen up at least 30cm since then. This is normal here in these lands along the river. The only question that gets asked is how bad will get this time. The last time flood was an issues was back in 2007, that I can recall. Even then, the water never to terribly bad, but folks along the the river did get wet.

Minor Flooding in the Flats from the Fraser River May 26 2014 - Weblog Image

I really was not going to blog about and flooding until I knew for sure that we were going into some higher than normal water levels, but seeing that were are getting more rainy days, mixed in with some good warm weather, well, these are the prime ingredients for a good flood around here. When the interior of British Columbia, Canada, gets the really warm weather, and melts the snow faster, it only takes a couple of weeks for it hit us at the mouth of the Fraser where I live. But I have observed the river as only less than a metre from the flooding point at Brea Island in Fort Langley, but anything is possible depending on the weather.

This morning is was cold and raining, and then by noon the sky cleared and warmed right up. I can only imagine what is going on further up stream?

While the Sun was out, I took a walk in the forest near my place, and captured a good photos of the trees. By lunch I was wearing only a t-shirt, and there was no threat of rain. It was a good day after that.

Maple Leaf - Fort Langley BC May 26 2014 Weblog Image

This leaf was blown off during the little rain storm this morning.

The Forest in Glen valley May 26 2014 - Weblog Image

You cannot have West Coast trees without at least one tree having fungus all over it. These were taken across from my place.

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