The Glen Valley Greeting Society

Awww, these little guys just make me laugh. It is at the point now that whenever I open my door and walk outside, the entire small herd runs up to the gate to see me. First there is the distant sounds of “Bhaaaa, Bhaaaa, Bhaaa,”  then the sounds of the mini stampede getting louder as they race up to the main gate. Once at the gate, they all stare, intently, waiting patiently to see if I have a bowl of feed in my hands. And if I do not, then they randomly call out with more, Bhaaaaaaas.

The Glen Valley greeting Society - Fort Langley BC May 30 2014 Weblog Image

Five baby black sheep and two baby girl goats make up the Galen valley Greeting Society here on the farm.

Who needs an expensive electronic security system, or watch dogs, when you have the these guys on your side. They even go beserk when someone is walking along the road, or quickly turns around on my driveway, let alone walk up to my door–they are quite reliable now as a early warning alarm system for intruders. The problem is they are also cute, and attract people who want to pet them, and pick clumps of grass to try and freed. And of course the sheep and goats knwo how to turn on their charm at will.

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