The Latest Flowers in the Flowerbed

The flowerbed has some new bloomers in it today. These yellow flowers just started blooming the other day, and now that the sunshine has returned it was photograph time. I also got these tiny little guys too, and I have no idea what any of them are called. I know, love to shoot them with the camera, but not even close to having a green thumb.

Flowers - Yellow - May 30 2014 Weblog Image

The sad story about these plants, the yellow flowers, was that when I first moved here, I did not know where or what was planted here, so when it came time to mowing and trimming, I just went ahead and cleared everything in this section of the property. It was not until late August that I noticed a few of these long leaf plants shooting from the grass that was all around in this field. I actually checked Google Earth’s Street View, and saw that these were not bull-rushes, or swamp-weed, but actual flowers. So this year I painstakingly made sure I did not trim, or tilled, anywhere near this area before I knew where they were growing. I got an awesome shot just as a small area was light up by the Sun. These grow right by the small creak beside my home.

Flowers - Purple - May 30 2014 - Weblog Image

And these tiny little guys, I have thousands of them also growing in the flowerbed right by my driveway. This one is about 6mm in diameter. I took this image using my 30mm Macro lens, with a minimum focus distance of about 5mm. This lens has a ratio of 1:1 image size. I like to get right up and close to flowers. LOL!

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