Snakes On the Driveway

I found where the snakes live, or at least a family of them. Just down my driveway, about twenty metres, in a culvert, there are several babies and their mother, or just another larger snake, but that is their hangout spot. For the last three days I have had no troubles seeing at least one of them, and capturing them wit the camera seems way to easy. I figure the only reason they are so close to the road is becuase of the flooding from the Fraser River. The water levels are high, and it seems that the road is best place to get warmed by the hot afternoon Sun for them.

Snakes Around My Place - June 3 2014 - Weblog Image

This one, one of the larger snakes I have seen here today, gave me plenty of opportunities to capture it with my camera, even allowing me to get right up to it with a 50mm lens. In this photo I got it when its forked tongue was stinking out. He eventually zipped off into the tall grass on the water. Sadly, I have seen these snakes run over on the road as they like to rest on the asphalt during the early mornings.

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