Billy XXL Added to the Herd

I call him Barney the Billy Goat, or Billy XXl, along with another back sheep, added to the herd. So that now makes six black sheep, two nanny goats and of course, the billy goat–all are young animals. My landlord is going all out on the size of this herd, and quite the variety of goats and sheep. Yes, the noise when it comes to feeding time.

Billy Goat June 8 2014 Weblog Image

I call him Barney becuase he maybe the silent type, but he will charge at you, and he does let out a good call too. He tried to pee on one of the kids who wanted to pet him–that was funny becuase he shoots from the hip, if you know what I mean. Plus Barney the Bill Goat has the super hung gonads (XXL) that I have ever seen on an animal his size. Unbelievable.

When feeding time arrives, the noise is like being in a theatre just before the commercials finish–almost deafening. And when the feed is dropping into the bowls, well, picture a stampede of a thousand buffalo pushing each other over a cliff; there is no tomorrow for these guys when it comes to that yummy feed they like.

Meanwhile Barney the Billy Goat uses his horns to ram his way into the first bite full of feed. And when he has had his fill, he steps backs and stands tall, looking into the distance, eyes right at you, head held high, ears scanning, and his chest puffed out, ready for anyone who dares to move in on his territory–not to mention his male luggage hanging there for all to see. Yes, he marks his territory–beware.

2 Thoughts on “Billy XXL Added to the Herd

  1. julia maizik on Monday, June 9th, 2014 at 9:14 am said:

    O.K….. the farm animals are cute. Must make plans to see you soon.
    My girl child will get a kick out of them.
    Wow! The Size of the nards on him. Who would of thought they came in XXXL!

  2. I look forward to seeing you, and the rest of your herd. LOL. Just give me lots of advance warning when you decide.

    Remember, it is a farm, so there’s lots for the kids to do.

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