Updates, Upgrades and Improvements for the Website

This morning I wanted to focus on updating, getting some new security software installed, and do some improvements here on the website. Most of my work was done through my host, and server, but I did spend some time working on WordPress, just tweaking it up a bit and getting some of those little annoyances fixed that have been bothering me over the last while. Mainly, I worked on my security, beefing up my encryption for my administration settings.

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The biggest task was adding some code in PHP to create an extra barrier so that administration would need to know three passwords to access the ministration controlĀ  panel to change some of the important functions such as changing post ownership and locking out comment privileges, like turning on comments once they are shut off over a certain time period. I know it is overkill, but, although my host’s control panel is safe, WordPress does have some issues when it comes access vulnerabilities.

Keeping everything up-to-date was next on my list. I made sure that not only my control panel had everything on it upgraded, but I sent out an email to my host requestion that they upgrade to the current PHP amd MySQL as well. I was sent an email promptly stating that my upgrades request will be timed in when the next upgrade schedule for the middle of this week takes place. I thought, “cool,” I like fast service.

As for cosmetics, I had some more “text run-on/overflow” issues with some comment boxes in the Pages and Archives pages of WordPress. I thought I had those ironed that out when I tweaked up this current theme that I am using now, but I see it came back after the last upgrade of WordPress 3.9.1. I believe I fixed it, but I am still testing as I work through the whole website. This was just a simple PHP tweak to fix.

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