Painting Lips

I was testing out my old drawing 8×6 tablet, getting ready to sell it to a friend who wants one really bad, so I thought I would do a really quick painting, just to show him that it really works. While he stood there watching me paint, I really did not know what to paint. Out of the blue, I started painting a pair of lips. At first I was going to draw out a face, but I just focused on the lips.

LIPS June 15 2014 - Weblog Image

The weird part was, I started painting on a white background, so the lips looked more masculine.  It was not until I changed the background to several different colours that the lips started took on a more feminine look, and really stuck out as women’s lips with this pink (salmon) background you see here. The scale too was quite large, as the painting itself was 2200 x 1900 px in size, so the photo here is scaled down by about 60 percent, then cropped.

My friend was sold on the drawing tablet, and he took it off my hands for a few bucks. I am happy that he is happy, and now he can draw his heart out on his computer, something that he always wanted to do.

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