New Tablet, More 2D Art

On the weekend I picked up a used Wacom Tablet from a friend who owed me a few favours, and I have been doing some drawings/doodles while I have some free time to myself. With this tablet, I am using a program called MyPaint to do the electronic painting with. I was hoping to use another program called Krita, that I really like, but I have not had a chance to figure out how to calibrate it yet–the pressure sensitivity does not work right with that program. So for now, here is one of the I painted just did during last couple of days.

Sitting Girl Watching the Sunset June 16 2014 c WEBLOG IMAGE

This image you here is scaled down by about 200 percent. The original is 8000 x 8000px, and is a huge file–the PNG File is about 40MB. So large, in fact, that I sort of gave up on it until I get more RAM becuase the more detail I add, the slower it takes to save the changes. There is a lot of detail in this one, so once I do some more work on it, I will post the larger size file here on my Photo Galleries Page. One day I would like to make a poster out of it.

I always believe that it is the tools and talent that make the artist. Having the right hardware, software and good old creativity, makes the wonderful art. But it takes practise to find that blend of perfection too. 🙂

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