Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy summer Solstice everyone, summer is finally here as of today. Over here in Southern British Columbia, today was also our first full day of sunshine because the last two weeks were mostly overcast and there were a few good rainy days. So, after a long, cool drawn out winter, and much of the same thing for this last spring, summer could not get here soon enough.

First Day of Summer 2014 Weblog Image

I took this image this morning, almost right at the time the Solstice occurred, around 9:51am. It is not much of a photograph, but the light contracting with the shadows through the leaves was shy I was taking this shot, but the shot just corresponded with the closest time to the start of summer–why I am posting it.

So anyway, summer is finally here. I am really hoping that this year’s summer season is a scorcher–to make up for the last six months of less than desirable weather we had. Okay, bring it on!

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