The Three Day Visit – My Sister and Her Daughter Paula

It was a good action packed three day visit, and it was bitter-sweet when it ended today after all the fun and bonding time we spent together here at the farm in Glen Valley/Fort Langley, BC. With just a week’s notice, my sister and her youngest daughter, did not disappoint as they arrived on Monday to kick off a three day visit. My sister had some unexpected time off from her scheduling at her work, and the BC Teacher’s Strike meant school ended early for the summer, so she made the split┬ádecision to come to the mainland from Vancouver Island to pay me a visit, and show her daughter the farm I live on.

001 - weblog image June 24 2014

The photo is my niece feeding the youngest of the goats. She was so happy to feed them, and she named this one Spots, as it was her favourite. She never missed a feeding, even getting up before my landlord arrived so that she did not miss this opportunity. With so many farm animals around here, she was overwhelmed on her first day of her mini holiday here. It was cute to watch her with the animals.

So, if you were wondering were I went over the last few days–I was at home, enjoying my sister’s company.

One Thought on “The Three Day Visit – My Sister and Her Daughter Paula

  1. Hey Tom — Glad you had a nice visit with your family. And baby goats are so cute.

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