Slowly Catching Up From a Busy Week

I am slowly catching up from a busy start of the week since my two visitors returned from their place of origin on Wednesday. After I dropped them off at the British Columbia Ferries Terminal at Tswwassen, bound for Vancouver Island at Swartz Bay, I drove home on the newly built Highway 17, known as the truck route, back to Langley Township. The late afternoon was the perfect summer evening, Sun, sweltering heat, and of course, the mosquitoes. But, it was a really great end to a very busy day.

013 June 25 2014 Weblog Image

Since then I have been cleaning up, putting stuff back now that I have the space back in my home that was used by my guests. I waited until yesterday to do all of that, so today I have to myself, so I just focused on getting my emails, Banking and housework done. It is now just past noon, and I have almost caught up.

Funny thing I just noticed. I notified everyone on line and through casual conversations that I was having my family over this week, and through that time I have had not one call, or emergency email, until today. The phone just started ringing off the hook around lunchtime today from friends just wanting to talk, fill me in the on the latest gossip and town dirt, and the odd bit of actual news and events that I missed. Oh the human need of community.

The sunset shot was taken on June 24, 2014 when I took my sister and her daughter up to the lookout on Brander Road in Abbotsford, BC. It was an awesome day for a good sunset–lots of clouds, and right at the start of summer.

One Thought on “Slowly Catching Up From a Busy Week

  1. Awesome photo! That color is why I love amber sunglasses. 🙂

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