The Rose Bush that Broke the Odds

My poor little rose bush; it still clings to life after all it has been through. From being stepped on, and then dumped on by a metre of snow, to almost completely being stripped of all its leave from bugs, this plant continues to surprise me.  From just one bud blossoming three weeks ago, to three more new buds on the way, this plant still keeps fighting onward. Amazing.

Rose - June 30 2014 in Fort Langley BC Weblog Image

Here are the first of three expected bud blossoming.

I wrote this plant off as dead last winter, and now look at it. It is not much to look at, but when these roses appeared, it was inspirational, and so the plant stays, propped up on a trellis with just a hand full of leaves left to its name. The hummingbirds just love these roses. Maybe I will set up a bird feeder for them, and photograph them as they feed?

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