Happy Canada Day, Canada!

Another long weekend, or well, a short week at least. I guess we are still a young country at just 147 years old, still using training wheels, as far as countries goes. We have the great weather for celebrations today, a roasting 26C at 10:00am this morning, so tonight should be awesome to watch the fireworks.

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Meanwhile I am getting ready to go out this afternoon, so I will probably add more to this post tonight once I am back home.


Here is the temperature for mid afternoon today, about 1:10pm. Looks like we are getting a very good stretch of warm weather. I never would have thought that we would get these temperatures in the first week of June in Fort Langley this year.

Feel the Burn on Canada Day June 1 2014 Weblog Image

I even get the feeling that the temperature may climb a little bit more as he move into late afternoon. Feel the burn Canada! LOL!

I should point out that becuase my thermometer is on the South face of the home, and is covered in the shade right by the front door, this is the time of day that gets no shade, so these temperatures may not reflect what the airport says we are getting. However, everyone is complaining about the heat. It is kind of nice to complain about the heat for once around here.

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