What Was Hot to Shoot In the Garden On Friday

Yesterday, Friday, we had a little bit of sunshine mixed in with a whole lot of clouds, making for the some good lighting conditions for some back yard photography. Going into this weekend, rain with overcast clouds skies is the order for the next two days, so getting out then to do shooting was my weekend release knowing that today and tomorrow are going to be crappy in terms of good light. So, here we go:

Flowers 01 on July 4 2014 Weblog Image

The top image, these guys will be a brilliant sky blue once they mature. Below, I really like the light I was getting with these Crocrosmia plants. I have on good authority that this variety is called Lucifer based on its deep red and yellow colours. I cannot wait until these fully bloom.

Flowers 02 on July 4 2014 Weblog Image

And of course, the super red rose bush that was so damaged from the snow and construction. These are three blooms on one stem/branch, and three of four blooms from this bush. These will be the last of the buds from this plant, as it has so few leaves on it.

Flowers 03 on July 4 2014 Weblog Image

That is it for now. as I live inside while the rain pours on outside on this early summer weekend in July.

One Thought on “What Was Hot to Shoot In the Garden On Friday

  1. Nice flower photos!

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