Day Number One: Orientation Class

I survived the day! Today marks the first day with the new job, even though I was hired over a month ago, I just finished day one, of a two day orientation process–where I actually start getting paid, and bringing in an income. Once this part of my employment process is completed, I then start using my brain, and cut my teeth on the job, as I start my journey down this new career path. I thought it fitting that this photo fits my new relationship with this employer. It is my policy that I do not mention names, and or add promotions of corporate entities that I associate with outside of my personal life here on my weblog. Only those who are close to me know the details. It is better that way.

Orange Flower July 7 2014 Weblog Image

It was a total surprise as I found my way up to the training centre and  sat down. I was not prepared when I was greeted by so many smiling faces, and seeing how relaxed everyone was in the workplace. I have worked for big-box stores, mom and pop companies, and one horse operations, where misery and divisions lay between boss and worker, and subconscious hatred, coupled with the competitive nature that pitted everyone with a adversarial attitude that stank like an open pit cesspool, from start to finish on every shift, oozed like an infected open wound. I asked myself this question while I was into the first hour of the class today: “why could I have not have found this place twenty years ago!”

Anyway, I will post more after tomorrow about my adventure of my new career. For now I want to give myself plenty of rest so that I can put 100 percent into tomorrow while I focus on the lessons. This orientation period has a lot of information packed into it, so I need all of my faculties primed and sharp. My whole attitude about this employer has been reinforced–totally a positive experience! Thanks Human Resource manager for showing me that there are employers out there today who are human, and show honesty, dignity, and integrity to all those around them! Wow!

2 Thoughts on “Day Number One: Orientation Class

  1. I’m glad for you Tom !

  2. Thanks Dan!

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