Day Number Two: Orientation Class

Today was a lot less stressful than yesterday, or to put in another way, the course load was mild compared what we covered before. We were able to finish earlier than expected, so this meant that most of us, myself included, got to leave early for home and arrange to come in later to do the computer practicum of the orientation process in the classroom. But the training is far from complete for me. I still need to complete another couple of modules even before I can step foot on the work floor as an employee. So my adventure is far from complete.

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Today was mostly going over safety procedures and qualifying for the basic safety requirements, and then onto more in-depth knowledge bases procedures, for example: MSDS, Lock-Outs, Safety Checks, Start of Shift Checks, Emergency and Evacuation Procedures, to name a few. Also we looked into the Corporate benefit packages and offerings available to us. Some are very generous, while other points are standard, or do not qualify because of provincial legislation and certain types of insurance polices. For the most part, there are some super great incentives working with them. But then I hit a snag that was out of my control.

Because I was registered later than most of the class, my Employee ID number was not generated before the end of this class. This means that I could not move onto the next step of the orientation precess, which is all done on-line, and I need that ID number to log-on with. Also, my time cards have to be manually created right now as the punch-in and out clock needs a PIN# entered. So the H.R. Manager felt disappointed when she told me that I will get called in either later tonight, or tomorrow, to come in and finish the rest of part two off of my orientation. I was told by one of the other employees that I am looking at about 50 more hours of training before I can advance to qualify for full-time openings throughout the building, and other locations. So, there are strong incentives to get through this as fast as possible, as opportunities beckon. Getting hours would be nice too.

For now I am content. Working once again seems like I am back in touch with the human race. There is one resolution that I will be focusing on now: time management. I will be running a strict set of protocols for myself once I have established my routine with this new position. No more second guessing and playing time catch-up, juggling my work and personal time around each other, in one big chaotic mess. Peace and tranquillity are my goals in the days to come.

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