This Just In: I Photographed the Owl!

This just in: I finally got a photograph of the Owl that lives near by behind my place. It was in low light conditions, so I had to shoot using 3200 ISO with my 300mm zoom lens, so the noise really sticks out. I normally would not have kept this photograph for display, but becuase it is a rare shot for me, what the heck.

Wise Old Owl - Glen Valley - Fort Langley BC July 11 2014 Weblog Image

I am not sure what make or model this Owl is, but he does hang around a lot. Last winter he was right on my patio deck, and as I was leaving for work, he almost tripped over himself as he could not get much traction on the wood surface with his claws to fly away–it was an awkward moment for him. He scared the life out of me as I stepped outside however. But lately he comes down to the back of my place, and does his hissing sound–probably tying to scare up some food. Late at night he does make a “Hoot” sound. It is funny to listen too.

This photo I took around 7:30pm today, using my 300mm zoom lens. Shot on my Sony SLT-A77V camera, at 300mm at f6.3, 1/30sec, ISO 3200. This image is not cropped, only scaled down.

2 Thoughts on “This Just In: I Photographed the Owl!

  1. Love the photo – such a beautiful bird. Reminds me of Harry Potter.

  2. I feel very lucky to have an owl living by my place… the mice population seems to be very low around here.

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