Day Numbers Three and Four: Orienation Class

The orientation class has not been going to my satisfaction. I have still not completed the overall courses, and therefore not able to work as a regular employee. To date, I am now two days behind everyone else in my cohort to becoming able to start working in my general duties. After today, I have become more discouraged than ever before as I am still in limbo waiting for further guidance as what to do, and moving forward, while I am not making any substantial income yet. Is this by design? I am beginning to wonder.

Saturday was a lost cause becuase, you guest it, I seem to have been forgotten–again. My emails were not answered until this morning, but I was scheduled to come in today anyway, but even that was met with confusion. Saturday I stayed at home and waited by the phone.

Today, I was schedule to arrive and start my classes at 11:00am. When I arrived, there was only one other person from my group in the computer room doing her class work. I waited an hour and a half for the human resource manager to arrived  so that she could issue me my identification number and log-in information so I could start my work. So right off from the start, I was now more behind, and feeling very discouraged. Added to the confusion, when she did arrived, I was given a condensed lesson on what to do, but then she had to leave, so I was left alone for the rest of the shift while I muddled through the online work trying to get through the best I could. There were so many roadblocks that I encountered that I abandon parts of the course becuase no one in the office could help me with them. Two hours waisted as unproductive, and four more hours of inefficient use of both my time and the corporation’s.

In the mean time, I am still wondering when I will get extra time booked so that I can finish. The pay period cut-off is today, so on my very first pay cheque I will receive only 12 hours, while my cohorts will be getting 24 hours–plus they have their work schedules for the next four weeks to look forward to. I sit in limbo with bills and rent in question for August.

When will I finish my orientation class, I do not know?

I over heard the lady (of whom I was taking the courses with) say to another lady in the lunch room that when she received her work schedule, she was only issued two days per week–16 hours per week. If this is case with me, then I may resume my search for work. I sure hope this is not the case with me. Wow, these are the working poor. Who can live off of 16 hours per week? Heck, I even thought that there was a law in British Columbia that stated part-time employees have to get at least twenty hours per week? Who knows, the Federal Government has screwed this country up so bad, we will all be living in the Banana Canada Republic before we know it.

2 Thoughts on “Day Numbers Three and Four: Orienation Class

  1. Tom,

    You will receive more hours. Your type of shift is required for that company. You will see.

  2. Thanks Dan. Your support is awesome!

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