Pretty Crocrosmia, Lucifer Flowers

With the heatwave raging on in British Columbia, I took the opportunity to shoot both stills and video of parts of the garden around my place. Of all thin images that I took, I really like this one of the Crocrosmia, Lucifer flowers that are growing right by my patio deck. These flowers just seem to love all of this super hot dry weather we have been getting becuase they all of a sudden bloomed over night when we first reached 30+C last week. Also, there are twice as many blooms this year as there were last year–it was a very soggy season last year for us.

Pretty Crocrosmia - Lucifer Flowers -  July 14 2014 - Weblog Image

One thing I did in this photo was use I high F-stop. I shot thin with an F-stop of f22, which I normally do not do becuase I like the bokeh (or blur) in my background. I wanted the green, blue and red to really stand out so I kept the focal plane to almost to infinity. I am also shooting with my 30mm Macro lens which has some very good features in its dynamic range as well–such as a minimum focus distance of 6mm from the object that I want to shoot.

The video part I will post in the next couple of day. I am just starting in on the editing today. I will post it up on YouTube on my channel.

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