Final Day of Orientation

Not quite 100 percent finished, but close enough to finally be issued hours of work. I am on my way to earning an income, and supporting the Canadian Government. I nearly completed the required tasks of the orientation yesterday, as I went in for a four hour stint to do that. However, with so much effort and stress trying to complete everything for this employer, I find myself still waiting.

Yesterday, I spent four hours. The room where they let us do the self-sever virtual sessions was so cold from the A/C cranked that I was shivering becuase I never thought of bringing a jacket or a sweater when it was 30C outside; I just never thought about it. So it was uncomfortable. I figured out what was going on with the curriculum calendar as each time I completed one module, the whole calendar would change to something completely different. I started saving the URL (as this was done in Internet Explore, (IE) and one of the greatest vulnerabilities of IE is that you can save and transfer cashed memory over to another browser outside of the network) and running them on say, FireFox on my laptop. Now I could see my work flow, and I quickly jumped into the sessions that I needed to complete. This saved me a lot time. This is just a case of poor layout and bad management system configuration on their server–a mishmash of files and programs slapped together without any constancies.

So I may end up returning to the classroom during my first of actual work before the company will allow me on the floor. This seems common now as I talk to people there and get to know them netter. I printed off a cheat-sheet that lists the entire on-line database of courses so that I can check mark off what I have completed, what needs to be done annually, and of course cross training into other departments.

The downside is that my work schedule states that my first week of operations will be between August 4th, to the 7th: 32 hrs. Two more weeks of zero net income, and my pile of bills growing further. At first I thought this was a mistake, but then remembered that the company works on a four week scheduling roster, so any new scheduling is always added during the following rotation. So, two more weeks. Sigh.

2 Thoughts on “Final Day of Orientation

  1. I told you that you will get more hours ! Knew it !

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