A Day in New Westminster BC

A friend of mine invited me out to his place for a visit, and on the side, to help him with his home security system, as he was having some issues with his digital video recorder. As payment for helping him, we went out to the near by fish and chips joint for dinner. Cockney Kings Fish and Chips severed us a great fast dinner, reasonably priced, and with really good service too. We met a few interesting people there too.

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It took me about an hour to fix the issues with his DVR and camera set up. The problem was that my friend wanted wireless cameras, and the two camera that he purchased were for the same RF channel, so he was stuck with only one camera. The other issues with the DVR was the hard-drive. He ended up having to buy another hard-drive that is specificity dedicated for CCTV work, unlike the normal hard-drive that you would us in your personal computer. A normal desktop hard-drive will only last about a year (or less) being used as a CCTV DVR becuase they are not designed to run continuously.

About the fish and chip dinner. It has been a long time since I had fish and chips, mainly becuase I am not a fan of deep fried food. However, my friend insisted that I at least try some of their food. I was not disappointed. I had the one piece cod burger with fries and salad, while he had the one piece cod with fries. It was funny becuase my friend loves tarter sauce, so watching him load the sauce all over his food seemed like he should of ordered a bowl of tarted sauce, and then added some fish and chips to it.

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It was great to visit. New Westminster seems like a nice city, with a little of the old mixed in with the modern look and feel of a small city, topped with lots of high rise condos and a vibrant business centre. You are very close to Vancouver from here, and you are North of the Fraser, so if you work in Vancouver, than this could be the perfect bedroom city. Not sure on the prices, but I am sure it is compatible with the market prices in Southern British Columbia.

Would I move here? Too crowded for my liking, but I am not a city kind of guy either.

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