Shooting the Red Hot Flower

Over the last four weeks, my one and only stand of Crocrosmia Lucifer flowers, have been in bloom, and now are slowly showing signs of their eventual wilting as their petals fall to the ground.  So I have been spending time shooting them, getting many different shots of them through their development as I can, and through different times of the day trying to get good sunlight and different compositions. Some of these shots I feel are really great, so I am going to post some of the “best of” here from over the last ten days.

Crocrosmia Lucifer July 21 2014 - Weblog Image 01

I just shot the above image today while the Sun was peaking through the trees.

Crocrosmia Lucifer July 17 2014 - Weblog Image 01

I was trying to get lots of colour dynamics in these next two images. Red on blue, with the dark green background looks awesome. Lots of “pop” in these images.

Crocrosmia Lucifer July 17 2014 - Weblog Image 02

Surprisingly these flowers are doing really well with the hot dry weather we have been getting. I figure in about another week these flowers will be completely gone until next year. I would like to plant blue versions of these for next year right beside them.

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