Happy To See the Rain

We are getting our first full day of rain in just about a month here in Glen Valley/Fort Langley, British Columbia. We enjoyed some amazing days of hot and killer heat, even breaking some records along the way, but all good thing must come to an end. This afternoon I wanted to do some shooting outside in the rain with flash, and with my 30mm macro lens, just to try out some ideas I had for new shooting techniques. The colours during the rain really seem to pop out and seem more vibrant.

Rain Drops July 23 2014 Weblog Image 01

The rain felt good, as I am sure the plants love it too.

I have been trying new f-stop settings for getting different fields of focus in my shots. Normally I shoot in f2.8 in my macro shots, or up into the f22 range in wide-angle, but now I am trying to fine-tune how I focus in on a object in my images, and I am blown away at my results. In f2.8, the above flower would only have just the closest part of it on focus. At f11 the whole flower is in focus while still giving the background the bokeh (blur) I like. Of course on a cloudy like today, it was very dark, so I needed to use my speedlight. I like this shot.

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