Not Happy To See the Rain

My happiness towards seeing the rain after such a long period of drought was short lived as it came pouring down last night, in buckets. Also around 6:30am I hard a thunderous cracking sound of a tree falling near by my place, only to discover that the maple tree beside my place had lost one its limbs, landing right on my front lawn. The limb was rotten, so I am assuming that the tree is need of a huge trim. But the final piece of straw that turned my happiness to concern was that most of my flowers in the garden were either flattened, or damaged, from the massive rain storms we had last night.

After the Rain July 24 2014 Weblog Image

I would think that it is fall around here with so many leaves on the ground. I did a little raking on my driveway, and walkway to clear the leaves, but by this afternoon more leaves fell only to take their place. The rain from last night had periods that were so hard, it was stripping the leaves from off of the trees. Around 10:00am the showers erupted again, with some winds and one ten minute period where it sent rain drops bounce off the ground by about 10cm.

It is sad to see the plants in the flower bed beaten down to the ground like this. This same thing happened back in May when we had a far worse storm, and most of the plants did well afterwords, but becuase we are approaching mid summer, I fear that the plants that are gone now are lost for the rest of the season as they have finished flowering.

The good news is that by this weekend we should be getting back into some good sunny weather again!

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