Post Number 2000: and On We Go

That is right, this is post number 2000! What better way to mark 2000 blog entries, than with a animated GIF logo that I cooked up using Blender to mark this occasion. I knew way back since 2007 that I would hit 2000 weblog posts by the tenth anniversary, around 2014, here at, I just was not sure exactly what date this milestone would take place. The count down to post number 2000 came rather quickly too when last winter when I was going into a period of hyper-post madness due to how slow work was going, I had all this spare time on my hands as work was spotty. But, it is fitting that I marked it on this day, July 25. It is a Friday, and the sunny weather just started up again after three days of drizzle, plus this is summer, so yay! 2000 Post!

2000 Posts Animated LOGO July 25 2014

About the animation:

I created the scene in Blender 2.71. I also used imagemagick by using a shell scrip to take the images and transfiguring them into an animated GIF image that you see here now. Here is a website that shows you how apply the command line for Linux users: Creating an Animated GIF Image. Primarily, the main feature, in Blender, is the physics function that I used. I am taking the text, converting it into a mesh, then applying the physics function to all of the objects in the scene to make them react to falling on the hard surface.

I am not even going to guess when I will hit the next thousand posts (Number 3000), or how long this website will stay up. All that I can tell you at this time is that I will continue to blog as much I can. Who knows, I may even get serious and start turning this website into a full fledge venture with my photography, or other interests I have?

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