What Will My Retirement Job Be?

Last month I was talking to my friend George, who lives in Langley Township, about five kilometres from me, and we were talking about what we were going to have in store for us when we retire, and whether or not there would be any retirement programs left in Canada by the time it is our turn to drink from the trough. George is about five years older then I am, so his take on retirement in Canada is probably more emotional than my feelings at the moment, but nonetheless, I share his sentiments. But George kept saying a totally new phrase to me when referring to his retirement planes that just made me gasp: what will my retirement job be?

Retirement Job

I never heard this until now: Retirement job; sounds straight forward, and easily comprehendible, and it even rolls off the tongue naturally when I say it. Maybe it is just the nature of our times here in Canada. With a government that seems like it wants to totally dismantle the Canadian retirement social programs altogether, and just let its people worry about their means and methods of sustaining their own retirement goals, it seems like we are now well conditioned to accept this new phrase, “the retirement job.”

But for me and George, the sad reality is that we are looking at our retirement in terms of working until the day we can no longer, and then spending our last days on welfare locked up in a Home with the bare minimum. Not the Canadian dream that we expected growing up and seeing our parents enjoying today.

So to the young Canadians out there, what will your retirement job be?

2 Thoughts on “What Will My Retirement Job Be?

  1. Hi Tom….another phrase….”pension with a paycheque”.

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