A Tablespoon of Water, Set to Light.

This was simple shot using just a single speed-light, a white background and reflector, along with my camera, a tripod, and of course, a tablespoon full of water. I had actually planned this shot a few days ago, but I hung up on how many strobes I should use. I wanted to get the spoon evenly exposed, along with the water pouring out from the spoon, and of course, a solid white background. Instead I decided to throw just the least amount of effort into this shot that I could. Within just ten shots, I got the shot I wanted–too simple.

A Table Spoon At a Time - July 31 2014 Weblog Image

What I did was, I set the speed-light on the floor, after setting my camera to shoot with the wireless flash programmed. The camera’s pop-up flash controls the speed-light to fire right after I press the shutter button, making the speed-light the slave to the camera. The speed-light is aimed right at the white backdrop, so all of the light is coming from behind, then bouncing back to the spoon, and then bouncing from off of a reflector that I had in front of me, back onto the front of the spoon and water.

The trick was holding the spoon, then pouring the water out, then pressing the shutter button with my left hand. So timing was everything. With just 1/200 of a second set as my sync shutter time, it was just a matter of pressing the button and pouring the water at the same time–hit or miss.

I used my 16-50mm f2,8 lens, set at 50mm, f8 at ISO 100, so the flash was firing at 1/2 power, probably around 1/10,000 of a second.

As for the post editing, I used Darktable (only available for Linux, as far as I know), where I tweaked the exposure and contrast just a little, and over exposed the whites, to even out the backdrop. Then I cropped the image down to fit just the end of the spoon and centre the water in the image for better composition of the image. In GIMP, I cleaned up the white background a bit more, and added my logo. That was it! Very little post production in them image.

ADDED August 2, 2014

This was just a test shot of creating the illusion of the spoon hovering in mid air.

Bent Spoon Aug 2 2014 Test Shot - weblog image

Remember that this is a test shot, as I am still a long ways from achieving the final result that I want. There are two different images in this edited photo. I see that I have to put a white reflector over top to block out the ceiling becuase of the fan and dark trim. Also getting the right angle of the spoon to match the handle’s angle–that will be tough–so many factors to work out. But, I have to admit, it looks awesome, even the way it is now.

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