August Has Some of the Best Flowers

August has some of the best flowers around here in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. This shot I took way back in 2012 of a bunch of flowers in a planter on the side of the road in Fort Langley, has sill got a very high rating in all of the photos I have taken so far over the years. This shot is part of a series of shots I took of these yellow-orange coloured flowers that captivated me when I first got back into macro photography. In fact, this was around the time I first bought my 30mm Macro lens for my Sony A-Mount camera.

August Flowers - Aug 2012 - Weblog Image

The lessons about digital photography have been many since then. The biggest example came from when I was doing the post editing on this image (above) and discovered that the White Balance range was so limited from the Raw Files of the Sony A33 that I had to tweak it manually becuase the software that I using could not give me any pre-sets from it. The image is sharp for a digital camera and lens for under $500.00, but if you need to take the image to the next level, you are very limited–unlike with a $2000.00 camera which gives you far more data to play with in your images. But still, I made the best with what this little camera could do, and I think the result is pretty good.

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