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I really wanted to post this yesterday about how the job is going, but I have not been feeling that well–could be the flu, or something, so here it is now. The new job has its challenges, communication, security protocols, and not one size fits all. Other than these issues, the job is going fairly well; nothing really to complain about, other than I wish it paid more.

Communication seems to be an issue as far as dealing with the all of the sub level rules here. What I mean by this is, you have what is written, and set out in procedure, but as I found out, 90 percent of the time these policies never can be achieved during the average work-flow of a shift. During my orientation, I went through hours of web-based training, at a brake-neck pace, only to find that most of was what either redundant information, or it was poorly thought out in its teaching. For me, I just went through it so fast that I could not absorb it all in the time that they gave me and I missed what it was they were trying to convey. Add it all up, you end up learning a whole new set of requirements while on the on the job. Most of it is common sense, but the devil is in the details. For example, each job has its own learning course that you must follow, but if you want to go back and receive the course again to reacquaint yourself with its procedures, then you are out of lock–you cannot go back to it. The computer program does not allow you to come back to any lesson you have done–or at least that I could figure out. So, as I found out, to compensate, the workers have developed their own protocols that mask the company’s directive, and these skirt the rules only enough that you end up with a mishmash of procedures that bend the rules just how far these job procedures go. Some may require to label a box one way, while an others may ask you to do it another way altogether.

Security is a big deal here. You are required to leave all company items on the premises–period. You have to go through bag check when you leave. There are camera everywhere. My first day, I was not issued a locker, so I took my tools home with me. No one said anything. In fact, the next day the night-shift manager told me about it, and said that this should have been told to me during the orientation. I explain to him that the poor H.R. manager was so disorganized with my paperwork and getting me going that while she was teaching the other’s, (I was waiting in the office for my employee number to be generated) that I missed some of class. The second incident was one that was purely based on how the shift operates, and not given in the orientation classes. Bags checks must be done at the end of the shift, but you have to wait for the manager to be there when you leave. Over the last few days I have been in the office, or putting back my equipment at the end of the shift, so I have been always five minutes late getting out. I found out that the shift manager only stays at the door for about five minutes, and that when I leave, I must have a manger sign me off when I leave. I have been just leaving. I see that I must do my end-of-shift running around during work-time, to make the bag check. It is their money for my time.

Learning a position. One would think that everyone would be on the same page with what strict and rigid rules and protocols this company has, but on the work floor, not even close. It boils down to how much labour can be passed on, so the lines get blurred a lot on procedure. one example I laughed at was employees not willing to operate some types of equipment. Not being a machine operator does give you a lot of exemptions from many types of tasks that involve heavy lifting and labour. The corporate policy has created a huge loop-hole in this regard, as many seem (in my opinion) use it to their advantage. The trade off is that if you have more qualifications, then you are more valuable, and shift time will be given to you over others; this could mean the difference between part-time and full time opportunities.

So, tonight I leave, then get a one day weekend, followed with two days of work, then a five weekend after that. I am still search for my dream job. LOL

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  1. In walmart was much better ..

  2. But how much per hour were you getting?

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