The Choice of Work: Good or Bad.

Swimming in the dark green murky abyss, I awoke from a dream, then opened my eyes to see that it was 5:30pm, and I had over slept. Tonight is my last day of working the marathon night-shift of eight days. After this, everything will slow to a part-time pace at my new work, as I worked these hours only to fill the void of employees who are on their vacations. Also in the mix, I took on another temporary job for only two days, stripping a network infrastructure in an old office building, then upgrading it with a new one, plus server, WIFI and workstations–all top-of-the-line equipment. I have met so many new people in these last eight days, compared to the last year, that my brain is in overload mode with all of this new information to absorb.

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The cash will be nice to have, as living in this new Canadian era is proving to be a lot harsher than I originally thought it would be. Since most of the labour that I am finding that is “above table” is of poor quality, the “contract” work is proving very lucrative, and abundant. I sprang into action when the opportunity of some “side” work became available, and I was rewarded well, even landing more work from this same source. Enough said.

Meeting new people is sometimes a curse, or a great experience–I have had both types of these people encounters this week. My employer (the side job) was probably the most significant personality I have met in almost five years. From Fort Langley, BC, a business man for the last three decades, his skills, drive and vision have really impressed me when I first crossed paths with him. Right off, when I was referred to him by another business associate that I did work for, he invited me to work on his office workstation, that was in chaos from neglect, then decided if I would do a complete overhaul. I agreed, and this week I started; it went altogether without a hitch: under budget, and well within the time that I thought it would take. Since this is a family business, there is one lesson that I have learned from working with one: never get to close in a family business. Working with the “son” proved to be a bit of a nightmare, as he felt that he was prodigy child of machine language, and insisted that he join in, so that he could tinker during the configuration process. For the first time in my life I actually had to set up a faux dual-boot system so that he could work on the fake, while I completed the software installation. I then thanked him, and implied that he should consider a job at Mico$oft, as they could use someone with his talents–jokingly of course.

The other job is going good. The pace is slowing down as the hardware business ends its peak sale period, and gears up for the winter. After two weeks of intense (seven days a week) work, (as I call it, the “trial by fire”) start to my employment with them, I will quickly shift into my part-time timetable. This is what I mean by the new Canadian era, as everyone that I have met at this new job site has a story of riches to rags, careers to unskilled labour, and so much unhappiness, as all claim to have that promised job out on the horizon waiting for them. Working part-time to support a family is just nuts, in my opinion, but this seams to be the norm here. Surprisingly everyone is upbeat in general as they show up for work, get the job done, then repeat this the next day, and so on. But it is sad to see a sales accountant working as a line-picker, or a millwright as a forklift driver. So much talent wasted.

Well, I better get ready, my shift starts in a bit. One great thing about working nights is that sleeping in should never be a problem as I am up well before my start time. Staying awake, well, that is another story.

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