There Are Many Ways To Network: Cat. 5e Is One of Them.

I finally completed my latest server-slash-network job here in Fort Langley, BC. I just made it under the time I allowed myself to complete the job, two days, or sixteen hours. The server booted up perfectly, and all the network connections seem to be 100 percent. The customer is super happy, as his office staff will be returning to their posts at the end of the week–they all take the same two weeks off for their vacations, so well ahead of schedule.

The Snake of Network Cat5e Cable - Server Upgrade Aug 19 2014 Weblog Image

The photo: A shot of the network (48 channel) snake leading up from the server in the closet.

I will not be doing the software installations for this job, the customer has his own people doing that, so this actually works out well for me, as I go back to my new “night shift” job on Thursday. I will have the rest of today, and all of tomorrow off, all to myself. I may just sleep, or veg in front of the computer, I am super tired.

I am quite pleased with this job, as it went without any problems. I was almost right down to the penny, as far as my budget went, and there was no second trips to the wholesaler for added parts. I may get a second call too, as the owner is thinking of expanding some of his offices into Surrey, BC by the end of year. Wait and see.

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