Smoke, Fire and Volumetrics

With the time that I had as part of my three day weekend, I managed to sit down and do some 3D (2D) creations. I did some still photos of some of the stuff that I wanted to focus on that is totally new in the latest Blender 2.71’s Cycles Rending. First came volumetric atmosphere, where you can make the air in the scene look all smoky, and add rays of visible light from a light source, and then came smoke and fire that was never before possible using the new Cycles render method. Both of these effects are almost life like, and could fool a person if you did not know what to look for in an 3D rendered image.

Oil Plant On a Diffrent Planet - Aug 27 2014 - Weblog Image

The above scene, my take on a oil refinery plant running somewhere on some distant planet, is my very first successful attempted at creating both smoke and fire in Cycles. I learned a lot from doing this scene: mainly that I should have been using a stable version as opposed to the nightly-build version what are bug ridden. Sure, the render times were in the hours, but my machine never crashed. So let that be a lesson to Linux users who are using APPs to contently installing/updating these nightly builds–sure, nice to have the latest, greatest, but they are not stable, full of bugs and are that–just test builds. Stick with the stable release builds!

See the tutorial that I used for Smoke and Fire on YouTube: “Blender 2.71 Feature Preview: Smoke and Fire in Cycles

Next is Volumetric Atmosphere, which my most favourite effect of them all. I am using Volumetrics as much as possible becuase I really like the real-world effect it has in an 3D image. This type of rendering is very taxing on any machine too, so it can take hours getting one’s masterpiece completed–but well worth the time it takes.

Dead Sphere in the Dark Aug 21 2014 - Weblog Image

Now that I figured out how to put it all together using Blender, I will be trying some ideas that I have been thinking about creating during my next long weekend coming up. Perhaps another animation, or two are in order?

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