The Unofficial End to Summer

The unofficial end to summer has finally come, the last day of August, and although I finally started working again, my time spent enjoying the warmth and long days slipped away becuase of it. I get to enjoy the long weekend, Labour Day, as it is called here in Canada. Monday is the holiday, and I am  not due back to work until Wednesday, which is in my opinion a well deserved rest. Change is in the air already as nature starts to go through the annual reset, ending the good times, starting the bad times, as the cool down creeps it.

Are the days ever getting shorter now! When I leave for home now after work, I need to turn on the headlights when driving. Plus, I pulled out my comforter becuase my place was freezing when I got home. It is a sign!

Work has finally made a turn for the better in that I had the opportunity to communicate with my manager and new protocols for establishing upcoming works hours have been made. Work needs more hours, I need more hours: we have a happy agreement now. The new protocol is simple: consult with him on all new scheduling, regardless of what is posted on the online scheduling system. This was such a relief becuase what is posted amounts to only eight days per month–hardly an income that is sustainable. You can imagine the sigh of relief inside me when my manager rewrote the scheduling without even hesitating, stating that I should never wait to follow what is online, just consult with him on a semi-weekly bases for my scheduling.

I seem to be fitting in now with the staff. Funny how at first people seem very unapproachable on the first day, but then after a few weeks the barriers come down, and you establish your clique within the organization. The last couple of days has been a re-introduction with the staff, sort of like, “hey, you made it this far, and it looks like your are here for good, so now lets get to know one another…”

By the way, I just woke up. Sure it is 5:30pm on a Sunday, but this is my Saturday 8:00am morning. The nocturnal life sure is screwy with the outside world. I will never get use to this.

3 Thoughts on “The Unofficial End to Summer

  1. I have worked 8 months graveyard. I hated that shift !

  2. Nights are nasty.

  3. One thing that’s good about being a freelancer is that you can set your own hours. The lack of steady work or especially a steady paycheque though can minimize that benefit. 😀

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