Personal Blog Post: Stardate – 68180

Personal blog, Stardate 68180, supplemental. I turned myself off from the outside world for the last twenty-four hours: phone, internet, cable…, even the blinds I left closed. I needed the break from it all. The phone was especially annoying becuase I was getting up to ten calls during the morning to afternoon period, when I was trying to sleep, with most calls just being solicitors and people that I know who were just wanting to talk becuase they were board. I left the phone on, with the answering machine switched on, but turned off the ringer noise off so I could not hear it (only four people left messages anyway). I also never bothered to watch cable, or turned on my personal computer to check email. I just turned everything off. The only electronic device I used was my e-reader, which I spent most of my free time reading a really good book, which I should have done in the next day or so.

ART 05 Weblog Image Sept 18 2014

I had to do this. I was feeling exhausted and trapped as my body was telling me that it was ready to call it quits and I could feel a flu, or fatigue setting in. Sleep has been a real problem for me, dealing with the night-shift timetable. Dan was right, your body will hate the night-shift, no matter what you do. So the break did wonders, but I know I will just go through this cycle all over again starting tonight when I go in to work.

As for the people who call me during the day while I am sleeping–get use to it. I will not wake up just to answer the phone for you; my sleep is important, and you will just have to deal with that. Sure I will miss out, but this is the sacrifice I made when getting this job. At lease I am working.

Now that I am recharged and ready to go for another week of work, I thought I better post something now before a whole week goes by with nothing on the Weblog. So feeling better–a lot better than before. I may do this more often. 😉

Note: I have tiny frogs sticking to my windows and outside walls. I am not kidding! They are everywhere. They make squeaky sounds too, like what a mouse would make, but louder.

Frog Stuck On My Window - Sept 18 2014 Weblog Image

This is the window to my front door on my trailer. The frog can easily crawl along the glass surface like he/she were crawling on the ground. Quite amazing. It is only about 3cm long–very tiny.


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