Rally for Profit

“I was not prepared for what I was about to see,” my thoughts as I walked into the receiving department seeing a stage erected and over two-hundred chairs placed in neat rows on the cold grey floor. This morning was the semi-annual company meeting (that is mandatory for all employees to attend) and sadly for those who work during normal day shifts, means an interruption in their weekends. This meant a Sunday morning back at work, but for me, it was an extra two hours, putting me at hour eleven before I had left for home. I found most not happy about this after the event when I talked to a few co-workers. Some did not care, while most would have rather spent it at home with their families, but there were those few who were one-hundred percent happy to be there. The meeting was to celebrate the end of the first and second quarters of the business cycle for the corporation. This was the time for the company to gather its employees and pay homage to profit, success and pay recognition to those individuals who the company felt made a difference to its moral standard of gain and productivity.

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No, I am not Mr. Lemon Squeeze today, just tired. Honest, I actually like my work–I work with some very interesting people, and the job itself, although very labour intensive, is not a bad job. I can say that the term “micro-managed” does not exist on my crew–in fact working alone is encouraged.

The two hour event started off with a breakfast that is served once everyone has signed in. Most of the management team does the cooking. Once everyone has eaten, which took us forty-five minutes in, we all gathered in the receiving area for the event. We all took our seats, and the head manager gave his talk. Funny thing, there was a prop-failure with the laptop used for the presentation–the Window$ 7 Blue Screen of Death popped up, and caused a delay of several minutes, but after that the rally went on. There were some awards, tokens of recognition handed out, and special presentations to individuals who earned the company profits with their outstanding performances.  Then the profit sharing cheques.


Now that I have had time to reflect on this morning’s event, I wanted to jot down a few thoughts I had during the experience and what I feel now. Mainly, I was not motivated. How could I be. The main reason for the event was the profit sharing cheques that were handed out after the two hour stage show. So me being a brand new employee, I had not spent enough time with them to gain any of those perks, so there was no profit sharing cheque waiting for me.

It was also hard to not be motivated when we now face, not only the seasonal slow-down, but the economic slow-down as well as the one line on the chart, the management team never pointed to, was the long term downward trend of overall profits. Funny how, no matter how “right-in-your-face” the numbers are, no negative data was going to crush the positive success that “our” corporation was going to have. The other side, all the competitor’s outlets were shown, and they were all of course trialling in “our” wake as their sales trends from the last two quarters radiated negative growth. Looking from the bottom up, I was not feeling the energy.

Normally, I stay away from these kinds of events. I know how group-think does funny things to the masses, and anything to do with money means either taking it from you, or you helping make someone else gain more of it. So yes, I get very sceptical about going to a company a pep rally and waving the corporate banner around. This is my nature.


As usual, I do not mention the name of the corporation that I work for, or detail any of its operations. Not that I am worried about pending law suits and civil litigations from its members, I just like to keep that part of my life personal, and mysterious. Besides, why bite the hand that feeds you?


Now I have an idea of what to look forward to in the next six months when the next semi-annual meeting takes place again. I will have to remember to reschedule my private and personal times around this to accommodate this event. This time around I was only given four days notice–the problem of being a part-time employee–you are not there during normal times of operation to receive all notices and news bulletins when they are posted. I am not sure if there are punishments attached to not attending, but I will looking into this. I know of one co-worker on my crew who did not attend, so I will ask him when I see him on Wednesday night.

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