Morning Sun Beams

We get a lot of fog this time of year here in Langley Township, and surrounding areas of the Fraser valley, Southern British Columbia. From where I live, very close to the Fraser River, fog is pretty much guaranteed every morning in the fall, especially when the nights are cold and the day will be warm and sunny. Last Saturday was no exception as the Sun burnt off most of the fog, leaving just enough to create this sun-beam effect as it radiated its light through the trees. Catching this on camera has its challenges too.

Sun Beams on October 3rd 2014 Weblog Image

Fog is hard to capture on camera becuase you either get a lot, or not enough becuase you cannot control it, you can only wait as the day progresses and the Sun takes over. So this shot was an opportunity shot, the conditions were great: I had my camera with me (this shot was taken from my driveway). I debated on putting my 14mm lens on for some shots to get the super wide angle shot, but instead settled with a 55mm lens becuase the sun was burning off the fog fast.

A lot of people on Twitter liked this photo, but not surprisingly, fog is cool to look at. Who does not like that sun beam effect as the Sun shines through fog in an image. Here is to many more foggy days to come. Here is to hopping that I never get into an accident from driving in it.

2 Thoughts on “Morning Sun Beams

  1. Beautiful way to start the day


  2. heh… heh… Actually, this was how I ended my day, now that I work nights. It was beautiful.

    Thanks Freda.

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