No Blood Moon Tonight

There were just too many clouds, and too much fog, to deal with when the lunar eclipse reached totality. I waited anyway just in the off chance that nature would throw me an opportunity to catch a photo of the event, but as the Moon’s position slowly moved towards the horizon the cloud mass grew too thick to see it. So, at best my images were full of haze, and focusing was a big issue becuase of this. So, this was one of the best images I took from all the shots from the night. Not very impressive in my book.

Total Lunar Eclipse Oct 08 2014 - 15 min Before Totality Fort Langley BC Weblog Image

The above shot was taken just ten to fifteen minutes before the lunar eclipse reached totality, around 3:20am local time. The high clouds just obscured everything once the light from the Moon dimmed–I could not even see the red ball in the sky with my eyes, let alone from the camera with exposures of up to 30 seconds. I never bothered to wait for the Moon to reappear from the Earth’s shadow, I just went back inside and watched a movie.

The Tools

I used my Sony Alpha, A77 with a Sigma 28 to 300mm f3.6 – f6.3 telephoto lens. The image was shot at 300mm, on a tripod of course, set at Manual: f11, ISO 100, 5 second exposure. The image was cropped in post production.

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