Photographing the Fall Colours of October

Fall is a photographer’s delight in the Northern hemisphere where the leaves change colours and the sky becomes more active with weather, well at least here on the West Coast of British Columbia anyway. Where I live, this time of year means the trees steal the show, and landscape shots are a regular routine outside during the chilly mornings and evenings at those golden hours of the day. Even around the yard at my place, the colours make macro photography even more delightful as a whole new crop of creatures come alive, and those leaves look even more interesting close up.

Leaves on a Fence in Fort langley BC Oct 09 2014 Weblog Image

I wanted the back lit effect on these leaves because they are semitransparent, while really popping out the background with some F2.0 bokhe goodness bathing in the Sun light. The secret here is setting the White balance to “Cloudy” to get that warm colour in the image.

Harry the Creepy Caterpillar On My Walkway - Oct 09 2014 Weblog Image

I call this image “Harry the Creepy Caterpillar,” only becuase he/she left a trail of slime on my walkway, he/she is hairy, and I am leaning to thinking that this guy is a Male one. Again, I used F2.0 to get a really shallow depth of field and it created this miniature effect quite nicely.

I also posted these two images on Twitter if you want to see a slightly larger version of them.

After today, according to the online weather website, this is it for the Sun: we are going back to our regular weather of rainy days. get out and enjoy this weather while it lasts.

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