Some Toungue-in-Cheek With 3D Art: The Ghost

I have been trying to create a bunch of 3D images for this Halloween to post here on my Weblog, and today I created a Ghost. You would think that creating a ghost would be easy as eating pie, but relearning the cloth simulator in Blender 2.72 took a bit of time, not to mention using the UV image on the cloth-mesh itself.  Once I got the technical stuff out of the way, making the ghost took just minutes after baking the cloth simulation to form the ghost. So here it it:

Ghost 2 image - Weblog Image - October 23 2014

I could not resist the tongue-in-cheek play on ghosts being let out of prison for one day to reek havoc on the world of the living, sort of adding a modern twist to it. The caption reads:

“It is said that on every October 31st the ghosts are let out of the spirit prison on day parole. Some say they want to play, while others say they want revenge! Happy Halloween!”

I posted this on Twitter too, a much larger copy of the image. Check out my Twitter Feed: @thomasso01

Without going to much into the technical aspects of what I did creating the image in Blender, it is a plane, and three spheres, then animating the plane as a cloth to fall over the spheres to form the ghost. Using the cloth simulator was the hard part, and waiting for the simulation to finish was the time consuming part as well.

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