Creepy Cube

I was bored out of my tree, and needed something to take my mind off of things, so I created this quick and simple “gif animation” straight from Blender. I also thought that since Halloween is tomorrow, why not create something that is creepy too, you know, to add to the spooky celebrations. And this is what I came up with after twenty minutes of playing around.

Cube 01

The animation is 100 frames long, and I used ImageMagick (which is default on Linux O.S. – Ubuntu 14.04) to create the endless loop Gif animation with. This image is 5.1MB in size, so if you are on a poor bandwidth ISP, this may take a while to load for you–sorry about that. And yes, that is the default cube you start off with in Blender! LOL

Next, the same cube, but doing the walk cycle.


This animation is only 24 frames, so the file is much smaller. It is just a simple walk cycle, repeating itself over and over again. Nothing really too creepy about it other than it looks weird. The questions is, will this cube ever get to where it wants to go?

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