November Already!

And it is November. Just like that. One moment I was sitting back enjoying Halloween, and the October festivities, and then–BANG–it is November. And added to the seasonal change into to the cold, Daylight Savings time is tomorrow too, on top of all this. My poor mind and body are going to pay dearly for this with work days all over the calendar.

Did I ever mention how much I hate the concept of Daylight Savings Time? I am sure if you searched my Weblog that you will find a post or two on the subject. I just think with the modern era of  technology that we live in today, working long hours around the clock, the invention of the light bulb, and the way we can telecommute to our work now that we could do away with switching our clocks just to help some politician with his Tar-Sand operation out on the Arctic permafrost somewhere. I believe that all of Canada should adopt Saskatchewan’s laws on this notion, and do away with it. We do not have to follow the United State on everything–we can stand up on our own too.

Anyway, we now go into regular time, the way the twenty-four hour clock was meant to be–what you would see when you look at a Sun-Dial. High-noon is Noon–simple as that.

Anyway, Halloween was a blast. I did dress up, but the photos look crappy. I may post one, but I have to think about it–they really look bad becuase they came from a cellphone. I never brought my camera with me, so no DSLR quality shots. I only stayed at the party for a couple of hours because I had to go into work later on in the evening, so I took off the costume before I left for work.

So…, anyway, it is November. Wow. So fast.

2 Thoughts on “November Already!

  1. I would love to a fuzzy pic of you all dressed up!!!!! Post it 😉

  2. No Julia, these images are bad–but could pass as “impression art” created by Andy Warhol. LOL I’m still thinking about it. 😉

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