Working Without a Clock

I just realized that when I go in to start my shift tonight, this will be my sixth straight day of work. This is a good set of circumstances for me in terms of making money for the governments, and myself, but as far as my employer is concerned, this could be a sticking point. You see, I am only allowed to work a maximum of forty hours per week. Giving out overtime from them is a sticking-point, which seems to be standard for all retail companies in Canada with their employees, so I now walk the thin line of being needed, and being cast aside having used up all of my time.

I took on training in another department. This training was to have started three weeks ago, but becuase of other employees taking their vacation times, and the numerous sick times used becuase of the latest round of the Cold Germ/flu-bug going around the workforce, my training started last night. However, my night-shift manager said that he is short staffed and needs me more than ever to work the regular shift. So there is a tug-of-war going on about where I am to work. Obviously, this arrangement was set by the store’s head manager, so he sort of overrules any lower decision made. So I split my shift, four hours in Receiving, and four hours on the night crew.

About my over time. Well, I have no idea how this is going to work as my fortieth hour will tick by at 4:30am tomorrow. Do I go home? Who knows?

Company policies are weird with respects to how profit driven a business is. On one hand they want to maximize their labour’s potential to the maximum possible output, while on the other, saving money, lowering expenses, and cutting corners on those cost is the dark evil that hangs on the end of every word a business manger says.

I guess from a Marxist perspective, as an employee I should not care, other than seeing if this employer folds into bankruptcy or not due to my job position and how I climb through its ranks. I mean really, if they want me to my full potential, then it will cost. It just might save them more money in the long run?

Hey, I will finally have a good pay cheque–a first since working here! The joy of working in retail.

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