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As you all know I works nights, so when the Sun beamed across the horizon through the clouds, I was up, getting ready for the end of my day. I had lots to do, but when I saw the Sun shining through the thick clouds, the light from it made me rush to grab my camera bag and do some shooting outside around the yard. The sky lit up with brilliant pinks and oranges, and at one point it was bright enough to do some long exposures shots with my camera. This was the point where the storm that was racing in, and was just about over top, so the wind was calm and the rain let up enough to walk around without wearing a jacket. Further to the West was this massive, very dark, thunder cloud, and along with it I could see smaller clouds moving very fast to the East meaning lots of wind was coming.

Once I started shooting, the whole valley seemed to come to life after a night of wind and rain that were at times very heavy and strong. Tree branches were everywhere–some very large. The clock on my microwave oven was flashing, meaning that at one point the power did go out while I was working outside. So seeing all of this sunshine, and the colours from it, made the place look like the fairytale setting–I had to photograph it.

These images were taken right around 7:30am to 8:00am. There was only a few times where the light was really good, but that did not last long, and since then the day was very dark and stormy. The storm returned, and with it the darkness, the rain and the wind.

Fall Image Novemeber 6 2014 Weblog Image 01

The light at this time was a brilliant orange. These leaves were on the hedge-row along my driveway.

Fall Image Novemeber 6 2014 Weblog Image 02

The blood red leaves of the maple tree by my place.

Fall Image Novemeber 6 2014 Weblog Image 03

The little brook by my driveway, underneath the red maple tree looks so weird with the reddish light from the Sun rise. Normally this is just a tiny brook, but from all the rain we have had in the last three days, this has turned into a little torrent.

Fall Image Novemeber 6 2014 Weblog Image 04

Fall Image Novemeber 6 2014 Weblog Image 05

Fall Image Novemeber 6 2014 Weblog Image 06

Fall Image Novemeber 6 2014 Weblog Image 07

This red maple tree looks so awesome this time of year. The reds from it are just amazing to photograph.

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