Remebrance Day 2014

I went down to the cenotaph in Fort Langley today for the Remembrance Day celebrations and tribute. The turnout was huge, as many waited in line that started at the park, and wound its way towards the cenotaph, but with so many people getting a good view was next to impossible.

The Poppy - November 11 2014 Weblog Image

The image of the poppy is from my flowerbed taken just this last summer.


When I first uploaded this post, we were experiencing a small wind storm here in Glen Valley, so before I could finish this the power went out. When it came back on (nearly 6 hours later) I was over at friend’s place working on his home network in Langley City where they had power. At my end, down on 252nd Street, a tree was blown over, and took out the power line with it: I think that was source of our power outage. The rest of the day has been crazy with the wind, I just gave up on doing any work on my machines becuase of the power flickering on and off constently.

Fort Langley had a really good turnout for the Remembrance Day Service. I did snap some photos, but with the limited time that I had there, I never got any of good quality photos. It was hard to get a good shot with so many people standing in front of me. When I returned, it was already too dark to get good shots, so I may return tomorrow and try. The Sun was out this year, although very windy, so I think that inspired many more than usual to come out.


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