Frosty, With Lots of Junk Mail

It was frosty, as usual, but the Sun was out, and there was hardly any wind, making it a nice morning to be inside. I had to go to my Bank becuase it was pay day, and then off to the Post Office to load up my pre-paid credit card so I could pay some bills with it. Also, a film crew was out shooting near the railway tracks on Church Street (Fort Langley, BC). All was well until I noticed that my mail box in the Post Office was so full with junk that I had to pick at it to free up the pile, and then I could pull the rest of it out. Granted I had not checked my mail box in almost a week, but usually it does not accumulate that much junk in it.

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Here in Fort Langley we have our Postal Service inside the Post Office; we do not get door-to-door service, so everyone is assigned a box, and you go there to get your mail. It is a nice set-up for a small town/village in that it is either a short drive, or walk, and you get to meet everyone in town. Inside the room where the mail boxes are kept, there was a table, and garbage bin, where you can sort through your letters and throw out any junk mail you might have. Well, that is all gone now becuase 52 new homes were built in town, and with them, more mail boxes were needed to accommodate them. The table and garbage bin had to go to make room.

The wonderful staff at Canada Post told me that if I did not want any ad flyers in my mail box, then I would need to be put on the list and invoke the Red Dot program. Before she finished, I said “Yes, do it, make the flyers go away.” So starting this week, I should no longer see any more junk mail in my mail box.

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The movie that the film crew was setting up for had the acronym H.T.V. on the signs that pointed to that location. I have no idea what H.T.V. stands for, but it seems to be a small production company, probably for TV or even a TV commercial. They looked cold as well standing outside in their shorts. All I can say is, “Wear pants dudes! You are in Canada–you know, winter–Eh?” Maybe they are Canadian, and they have antifreeze for blood? It is nice to film companies using Fort Langley as a place to film–there have been many in the past.

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