Well, I done the deed, my civic duty, and voted for who I think should best run our local government down at City Hall, or in my case, the Township. I arrived at the polling station around 8:15am in Fort Langley just after it opened to cast my ballot(s), and there was only one other voter ahead of me.  I was not surprised that the place would be so empty, after all it was early on a Saturday morning, and by past elections, voter turnout is somewhere around half (to less than) of all registered voters.

At my work, I did a very unscientific poll of who voted, and found that 90% of my fellow night-shift crew mates did not bother. Sad in some respects, mostly due to plain old apathy on their part. Granted that you really needed to go out of your way to make time to go an vote after working a shift, and you are scheduled to work Saturday, then double inconvenience for you. Added to a night crew worker is the sheer willingness to sleep becuase 8:00am is really your 10:00pm by comparison. So granted, I am not surprised when I asked around as to who voted, and how many said that they did not.

I have not seen the results yet. I think it would be interesting to see who made it, and if I voted for them. As a rule, I will not disclose who I voted for, nor will I endorse anyone here on my website.

Here in Langley Township, the election signs along the side of the roads seemed relentless this year compared to past elections. I laughed I was driving home this morning from work at how many elections signs lined the roads. I honestly think that this years allotment of political election signs out numbered any past Provincial or Federal election race that I can recall. I hate to in charge of collecting them. LOL

3 Thoughts on “Voted

  1. Did you drop off the face of the Earth? Haven’t herd from you for awhile.

  2. Indeed, sent you an email on the 16th I think…

  3. I’m alive!

    I will contact you soon with updates.

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