Crazy Busy

I wanted to give everyone an update on why my website has been dormant for the last couple of weeks. I have been super busy. Mainly work, taking most of my time now, but there were a few little projects that needed lots of time too. This trend may last until mid January, which is good, but the toll on my physical and metal health maybe pushed to the limits, but if I managed it right, I can survive it.

The hardest issue currently is the constant changing and shifting of my hours, and scheduling at work. During the course of a week, my days are almost chosen randomly, with weekend days non consecutively. My start and end times are also offset from one to another, which means that on some days I start at 10:00pm, until 6:30am, then 9:00pm until 5:30, then a random 8:00pm start could happen also. I have a choice of just following the computer generated schedule, or making arrangements with the manager on a need be bases–which is my normal method of obtaining more hours. The drain of following this schedule is almost too much at times. Oh do I miss the days when you could rely on a normal business week.

The other time vampire is my latest career path, tutoring, which seems to be gaining ground. I may have possibly two more students added to my group this week. I had no idea that there was such a market for this? However, with each hour of tutoring, I need at least three hours of preparations. Juggling this with my regular work has taxed my time out. For the students, their finals start in a few weeks, so my time with them will end very soon. I may undertake another batch of students for next semester, now that I have my name with two profs at SFU and KPU. I have to sit down and see if this will work over the long term coexisting with my regular work in the new year.

This is my news for now. I will be taking the next three days off from work, as I will deliberately not ask for extra hours. I just need the rest, and deal with my personal chores that are piling up–you know–that list of “To-Dos.” I still have to winter-proof my home, plus a bunch of yard work needs to be done too. Sleep will be on the list too. Crazy busy.

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