Cool to the Touch – Photographs

The Sun was shining, making for a good day to get out and walk around the block, (taking my camera of course) before going back inside to snuggle up by the furnace with a cup of hot tea. The day was deceivingly cold out with the unobstructed Sun beaming through at full power. The air was, and still is, frigid. A sweater and winter jacket a must to venture out around 8.00am today. Feeling the Sun on my cheeks was worth it, even with the cold, I could feel the warmth–it felt nice after being cooped up all the time inside.

Cold November Day - NOV 30 2014 Weblog Image 01

Remember, we here in the Fraser Valley are not accustom to long bouts of freezing cold like this. We actually call this extreme becuase most of the time during the year we enjoy very mild temperatures. But, think of the homeless and those who live in poorly built homes–this is extreme for them.

Cold November Day - NOV 30 2014 Weblog Image 02

These bottles (from the 1950s) are destroyed now becuase the ice cracked them open. What I think what happened is that it got so cold out, so fast, that the water turned to ice before it could squeezed through the opening. None of these bottles had their caps on them.

Cold November Day - NOV 30 2014 Weblog Image 04

The last plants to still have their leaves, were looking terrible as the Sun shine beams through them on this frosty morning.

Cold November Day - NOV 30 2014 Weblog Image 03

And lastly, the iconic winter look photo. Really, this is ice snow, mostly ice pellets that fell from last Saturday’s weather system. We may not have warm enough temperatures to melt this until next Friday, so I have a few more days to photograph the ice before then.

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